DCC Action / Entertainment Award

Cliff Joyner Wins the Louie Roberts Award

Cliff Joyner, 2006 Louie Roberts Action / Entertainment Award Winner

Since rolling balls were first introduced to a table in billiard’s distant past, cue sports have always enjoyed a lively tradition of after-hours action. Diamond Billiard Products and the Derby City Classic proudly celebrate that tradition with their annual Action/Entertainment Award.

The A/E Award is named after the late Louie Roberts, who embodied the high-rolling free-spirited and talented kind of player that crowds have always loved to gather and watch. Louie was a rare talent and genuine star in the action/entertainment side of pool. Whether he was flat broke or flush with cash didn’t seem to make a difference; Louie would find a game, and the crowd would find Louie. Whatever cash he held, he might wager on one match, on one game, or even on one shot; Louie had the confidence to bet it all.

Louie Roberts

Previous Winners of the Louie Roberts Action / Entertainment Award:

2005: Scott Frost
2004: Tony Watson
2003: Alex Pagulayan

The Louie Roberts A/E Award is the only industry award that directly honors the contribution that the world of pool action makes toward the ongoing popularity of the sport. Recipients of the A/E award win free room and free entry fees for life to the Derby City Classic. Congratulations to Cliff Joyner, this year’s winner!

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