‘Hollywood Jack’ Memorial One Pocket

Hosted by Hollywood Billiards in Los Angeles, CA

Sylver Ochoa, who took second in both the mini and the main event

Billed as the “First Annual Hollywood Jack Memorial Tournament”, the stellar field did credit to the memory of the late Hollywood Jack for sure. With the generous support of Hollywood Billiards ($3000 added) and the energy of veteran tournament director Jay Helfert, nearly fifty players were treated to a packed weekend of exciting One Pocket.

Scott Frost and “the rail” at Hollywood Billiards
Photo courtesy Joe Richland

The action heated up Friday, as a full field of 32 players battled it out in a single elimination “Teaser” event. Helfert has a ton of experience with this sort of mini event, and with a race-to-two format, he efficiently kept the tables moving until the veteran Jose Parica was the last player standing, as he defeated the youngster from Texas, Sylver Ochoa, 2-1.

The main event kicked off Saturday with a strong field of 44 players. Of course Southern California was well-represented, but the high price of gas did not deter NoCal guys like John Henderson, as well as an impressive variety of out-of-staters, including Sylver Ocha from Texas, Scott Frost and Gus Brisano from Arizona and Raphael Martinez, who came down from Seattle.

Ochoa is one of a new breed of young players with impressive all-around skills, as he took full advantage of his banks by following up his second place in the mini with another trip to the finals of the main event. But Scott Frost showed why many consider him the man to beat in One Pocket these days, as he cranked it up a notch in the finals to win 4-1.

  • July 4, $30 Mini Tourney results — 32 players

    1. Jose Parica $480
    2. Sylver Ochoa $240
    3-4. Rafael Martinez & Josh Ulrich $120
    5-8. Juan Rios, Oscar Dominguez, Wayne Pullen & Danny Petralba $6

    Parica defeated Ochoa 2-1 in the finals.
  • July 5-6, $75 Main Event — 44 players

    1. Scott Frost $1,600
    2. Sylver Ochoa $900
    3. Jose Parica $600
    4. Richard Grenier $440
    5-6. Rafael Martinez & Wayne Pullen $320
    7-8. Danny Petralba & Phil Misson $220
    9-12. John Henderson, Gus Briseno, Jim Lewis & Greg Rosenheck $120

    Scott defeated Sylver 4-1 in the finals.

This three-day weekend of top One Pocket action was sponsored by by Hollywood Billiards.  Reports are that Jeff Bey, the owner of Hollywood Billiards, loved the tournament and promises to do more. Please show your support and drop into Hollywood Billiards when you are in the area. Thank you Jay Helfert for directing the tournament and providing these results.

  • Jose Parica, who won Friday’s “mini” over a tough field of 32 players

    Faces in the crowd — American Cuemakers Hall of Fame cue maker Ernie Gutierrez and One Pocket Hall of Fame player Ronnie Allen

  • Sylver Ochoa, who took second in both the mini
    and the main event

    Tournament director, Jay Helfert

Overview of the Hollywood Billiards tournament room

All photos courtesy Joe Richland