Johnny Ervolino

One Pocket and Straight Pool legend Johnny Ervolino died February 19, 2005, following complications due to heart problems. He was 69 years old. Johnny made his last major tournament appearance at the US Open One Pocket event last November in Las Vegas, where the following photos were taken.

A New York City native, Eugene ‘Johnny’ Ervolino came up as a player in the famed Ames and McGirr’s poolrooms that featured some of the toughest competition of any poolroom, anywhere, at any time. Straight Pool was his main game, and even recently Johnny was reported to have a run of over 300 balls — which has to be one of the highest runs ever for a player his age. He was a regular at Johnston City and the Stardust events, winning the Stardust One Pocket division in both 1971 and 1973.

An outgoing and easy going man, Johnny made friends everywhere he went, and he will be sorely missed by his many fans from all across the country.