Monica Webb takes 1st in first ever Women’s One Pocket event!

Undefeated One Pocket Event Champion Monica Webb

For those who do not know, One Pocket has been gaining in popularity in the pool world over time and is no longer a game that you only find hustlers playing in the shadows. It is a strategy driven, chess-like, pool game that has the masses trying to learn it and most pool players trying to improve their own game. It’s a game, like all pool games, that knows no age, no race and no gender. It only requires the knowledge to play it and the skills to execute the shots. That being said, we were very happy to see the first ever Women’s Invitational One Pocket Event included in the Women’s Triple Crown tournament this year put on by StraightPoolEye’s Eric Nelson! It was held at Q-Master Billiards, the country’s largest pool room located in Virginia Beach, VA.

From L to R: Monica Webb (1st), Alex Shapshevich (TD), Julie Melman-Cone (2nd)

Here is a summary from Mary Kenniston on the One Pocket Event:

The final event of the Triple Crown was the One Pocket division. The hot seat match featured Monica Webb and Julie Melman Cone with Monica claiming her seat in the finals. Julie then faced Janet Atwell to vie for the remaining seat in the finals. Julie prevailed leaving Janet with another third place finish. Good job, Janet!

Racing to three, the One Pocket title was claimed in the first set by the undefeated Monica Webb 3-0. Congratulations, Monica! Good tournament, Julie! Thanks to the One Pocket Tournament Director, Alex Shapshevich, for a great job!

From L to R: Ron Shepard (Straight Pool ref/TD), Monica Webb (1st in One Pocket), Eric Nelson (StraightPoolEye), Julie Melman-Cone (2nd in One Pocket), Alex Shapshevich (One Pocket ref/TD), Rho Reyes (10 Ball ref/TD)

Top event finishers:

1st Place – Monica Webb
2nd Place – Julie Melman-Cone
3rd Place – Janet Atwell
4th Place – Joann Mason Parker
5/6th – Sandra Stevens/Tina Larsen

The Triple Crown consisted of 3 events (Straight Pool, 10 Ball and One Pocket). For her performance in all 3 events, The Master of the Table award went to Joann Mason Parker.

We hope this is one of many to come!

Congrats to all the players who participated!

Thanks to Alex Shapshevich for providing the photos for this article.