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  • Eugene Metz

    Born February 6, 1931, Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz was originally from Chicago. His mother and father both had worked at the Boardwalk in Chicago during the Al Capone years, and had in fact served Capone (haircut and manicure). Clem died April 26, 2011. Clem came with his family to Cincinnati at 16 years old, that is […]

  • Jack Cooney

    Elusive under-cover master Jack Cooney is one of the modern icons of action One Pocket, and a prime example of “After Hours Legends who have demonstrated their excellence and their heart by matching up against the best of their time,” to quote from the One Pocket Hall of Fame selection criteria. Jack’s early education in One […]

  • Billy Incardona

    Pittsburgh Billy Incardona has been a solid One Pocket player and after hours legend for many years now. In fact, he’s still mixing it up against a whole new generation of players today. Of course, as the ‘voice of Accustats’, he has helped educate thousands of players in our favorite game. Recently Billy has also […]

  • Melvin Brooks

    A lifelong resident of Washington, DC, ‘Strawberry’ was born Dec 10th, 1933, so he just turned 73 earlier this month. He was a family man and a US Army veteran and then worked for the Post Office for a time before he turned to pool full-time to support his family. He had nine sons and […]

  • Marshall Carpenter

    Marshall Carpenter was born in February, 1928 in the same Alabama town of Tuscaloosa in which he still lives. He started going in to the poolrooms as a kid selling peanuts, which led to his nickname, ‘The Tuscaloosa Squirrel’. Gambling was deeply ingrained in that part of the South at the time, and Squirrel quickly […]

  • Billy Burge

    Billy ‘Cornbread Red’ Burge grew up in the small town of Fulton, which straddles the border between Kentucky and Tennessee in the rural South. Later, for many years he made his home base The Rack, just outside Detroit, Michigan. Formally known as the Capital Billiards Club, The Rack became a mecca for pool’s road players […]

  • Artie Bodendorfer

    Arthur Bodendorfer came to America from Austria with his family when he was just eight years old. His father was a concentration camp survivor, which no doubt sharpened Artie’s own instincts for survival. As a teenager he worked for the carnival in a ‘flat store’ – a type of game that was fixed. It was […]

  • Jack Breit

    Originally from just New Jersey, Jack Breit came of age as a player during the heyday of the famed poolrooms of New York City. He was a top notch Straight Pool player as well, but One Pocket was the game that really showcased his creative talent, as he brought every trick in his arsenal to […]

  • Ronnie 'Fast Eddie' Allen

    Ronnie Allen

    Ronnie, “Fast Eddie” Allen, originally from Oklahoma, in his teens Ronnie found his way to California, where he discovered the very active pool scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won the very first tournament he ever entered, Cochran’s One Pocket tournament of 1962, which included a veritable who’s who of early One Pocket […]