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  • Jeanette Lee wins 2010 Derby City Louie Roberts Award

    The ‘Black Widow’ in action at this year’s Derby City Classic In an arena dominated by males, Jeanette Lee stood head and shoulders above the rest to capture the 2010 “St. Louie” Louie Roberts Action and Entertainment Award at the Derby City Classic. The voting of the award by DCC attendees and members of the […]

  • Dave ‘Viffer’ Peat Wins the 2011 Louie Roberts Award

    Dave ‘Viffer’ Peat, AKA ‘Dippy Dave’ 2011 Derby City Classic Action/Entertainment Award winner After the votes had been tallied, David “Dippy Dave” Peat dominated in winning the 2011 “St. Louie” Louie Roberts Action and Entertainment Award at the Derby City Classic (DCC). In a world where there’s often more woof than bite, Dippy Dave’s action […]

  • Shane Van Boening Wins the 2008 Louie Roberts Award

    Shane Van Boening 2008 Action/Entertainment Award winner The young man from South Dakota continues to raise his game — or games — to new levels, as he took on big name after big name in late night action all week at Derby City. Although it might have cost him a little in his showing in […]

  • Chris Bartram Wins the 2007 Louie Roberts Award

    Chris Bartram in action 2007 Louie Roberts Action/Entertainment Award Winner In a year where the event was packed with the most highly touted stone cold action monsters from around the globe, picking a winner for the 2007 Derby City Classic “St Louis” Louis Roberts Action and Entertainment Award proved to be a thrilling ride. The sweators […]

  • DCC Action / Entertainment Award

    Cliff Joyner Wins the Louie Roberts Award Since rolling balls were first introduced to a table in billiard’s distant past, cue sports have always enjoyed a lively tradition of after-hours action. Diamond Billiard Products and the Derby City Classic proudly celebrate that tradition with their annual Action/Entertainment Award. The A/E Award is named after the […]