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2006 One Pocket news archives

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The 2006 Hall of Fame Voting is in! is proud to announce the winners in this year's Hall of Fame voting. Leading the class in One Pocket is the great all-around player John 'Rags' Fitzpatrick. His untimely death in 1960, just one year before Johnston City, kept him out of the spotlight enjoyed by his peers during the pool renaissance of the 60's. Joining 'Rags' in this year's class of inductees are another deceased early icon of the game, Hayden Lingo, and Washington, DC living legend, Melvin 'Strawberry' Brooks.

In the Bank Pool category, the voting was led by 'Bugs' Rucker's early mentor, Javanley 'Youngblood' Washington. Along with 'Youngblood', legendary undercover banker Vernon Elliott and the late John 'Cannonball' Chapman are headed to our Hall of Fame.



Our annual Hall of Fame dinner will again be one of the featured special events at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, January 9th. For more information and advanced reservations, visit the HOF banquet information page. For complete Derby City information visit the Official Derby City website. For many pool fans, the second week in January is the highlight of their year, and Tuesday is the highlight of their week!


Rack 'em up with

Grady 'The Professor' Mathews

The name Grady Mathews is almost synonomous with One Pocket. For years, he has been the leading One Pocket tournament promoter and instructor, its most vocal supporter, and one of the game's top players . All of which helped earn his election into the One Pocket Hall of Fame, on the very top of the first ballot. This interview originated at the Carolinas Open tournament in 2005.

Click here for the complete Grady Mathews interview

US Open One Pocket & Banks


A new generation of One Pocket player roared through the field to win the 10th US Open One Pocket tournament, held last week in Louisville, KY. 24 Year old Nick Vita of Memphis, Tennessee, worked his way through a field of 56 players to claim the $5000 first prize, his first major tournament title. Nick earned his victory with back-to-back wins over pre-tournament favorites Cliff Joyner and Scott Frost, before defeating Shawn Putnam in the finals.

Meanwhile, banking veteran John Brumback took first place in the Banks division, beating Gerald Reichle in the finals.

Complete results from the PlayBCA website

Bill 'Weenie Beenie' Staton dies

One Pocket Hall of Fame legend Bill Staton died Saturday, February 18th, 2006 at the age of 77. He had suffered a couple of strokes recently. An extremely popular and well-respected player, for years Bill was one of the premier gentleman gamblers of pocket billiards. He was inducted in the first class of the One Pocket Hall of Fame.

Click here for Bill Staton's obituary

Beenie was featured in one of our interviews last year:

Click here for our Bill Staton interview done at the 2005 Derby City Classic

Cliff Joyner wins the 2006 Louie Roberts Award

Click here for story and photos

Efren dominates final rounds of One Pocket

The Magician left fans and foes alike shaking their heads in wonder as the master of the cue ball won his final few matches in the Derby City Classic One Pocket division in dominating fashion. This was his fourth DCC One Pocket title in four tries, and it came against the largest field ever for a One Pocket event, 424 players. Jason Miller followed his Banks division win with an an impressive second place finish in the One Pocket, making him the favorite for this year's all around crown.

One Pocket photo gallery - Complete One Pocket results

2006 Derby City Classic explodes into Action

The largest crowds ever have descended on Louisville for the 8th annual Derby City Classic all-around tournament. This year the event fills both the Executive West, and their sister hotel across the street with more different cue-sports disciplines than ever, with the addition of Three Cushion Billiards and a Straight Pool high run challenge. Not to neglect their three main events, Diamond has added about two dozen more 9' Smart Tables® in every conceivable function room in the original West location. And of course, with more players than ever before, every one of the extra tables is being put to nearly twenty-four hour use.

Bank Pool ring game

Banks photo gallery - Complete Banks results

One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

The AZBilliards/ Room at Derby City

Bob Jewett's Straight Pool Challenge

After hours action at Derby City

Derby City ambiance

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