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Johnston City 50th Anniversary Commemorative Poster

Limited Numbered Edition of 250


This high quality poster print is chock full of great images of the players, the ambience and original memorabilia from Johnston City! Several of the photos of players are great "Name that Player" group shots that you can spend hours trying to identify all of the huge icons of our sport from Fats, to Lassiter to Taylor, Shorty and many, many more.

This poster is a joint project of and George Jansco's daughter JoAnn.

Johnston City 50th Anniversary Poster

The full 22" x 28" poster

Poster detail

$40 plus $6 Shipping

Shipped to you rolled carefully in a USPS Priority Mail triangular tube

Along with the poster, we are now including a separate

8-1/2 by 11 photocopied "cheat sheet" key to the identification of the memorabilia items and 40 different players. You can decide whether to hide it or share it!



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