Gorst Doubles up Compton 24-12

This much anticipated challenge match between Fedor Gorst, one of the highest ranked pool players in the world, and Oklahoman One Pocket specialist Chip Compton was billed as a classic contrast in styles, a young shooter versus a top mover, and it did not disappoint. It was a race to 24 over three days (8/16/24) live streamed by Omega Billiards TV PPV from Broad St Billiards, Wichita Falls, Kansas.

Bank shot by Gorst to begin his run out in the last game – photo credit Omega Billiards TV

At 22 years old and being from Moscow, Russia, Gorst may appear to be a bit of an inexperienced One Pocket player, but he clearly has a mind for the game, and he seemed to learn as this 3-day match progressed. Veteran player Chip Compton is well known for playing a strong classic Oklahoma defensive style of One Pocket and as anticipated, he frequently pushed the balls up table in an attempt to blunt Gorst’s fierce ball running ability. The problem was, with Gorst’s deadly accurate banking, he was able to wrestle successfully ball for ball with Chip even in those uptable games, culminating in a very strong 8-1 last day to close out the match 24-12.