Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the creation of OnePocket.org, established for the purpose of recognizing those players, promoters and teachers that have contributed the most to the legacy of the game of One Pocket. Some of these great players for years made a career choice to avoid tournament play, shying away from the establishment spotlight, yet knowledgeable fans recognize them as among the best ever; thus the need for an independent hall of fame. The One Pocket Hall of Fame offers an opportunity to celebrate the game of One Pocket in particular, and the players that have dedicated themselves to One Pocket in particular, rather than pool and billiards in general.

Selection criteria for The Hall of Fame:

1. Great Players who have demonstrated their excellence in tournament competition over time.
2. After Hours Legends who have demonstrated their excellence and their heart by matching up against the best of their time.
3. Teachers and Promoters who have had a lasting impact on the growth and popularity of the game.

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