Ronnie Allen

  • The One Pocket Hall of Fame

    Is pleased to honor

    Ronnie ‘Fast Eddie’ Allen

    For his Outstanding Contribution to the Legacy of The Game of One Pocket
  • Name: Ronnie Allen
    Nickname: Fast Eddie
    Born: July 12, 1938
    Died: Feb 6, 2013
    Elected Year: 2004

Ronnie at the HOF Dinner

Ronnie, “Fast Eddie” Allen, originally from Oklahoma, in his teens Ronnie found his way to California, where he discovered the very active pool scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won the very first tournament he ever entered, Cochran’s One Pocket tournament of 1962, which included a veritable who’s who of early One Pocket legends.

As a tournament player

Ronnie has won One Pocket events over three decades:

  • Cochran’s One Pocket tournament in 1962
  • Johnston City One Pocket division in 1970
  • Red’s Open One Pocket in 1984

Ronnie in action

As an After Hours Player

Ronnie was perhaps the dominant One Pocket player for nearly twenty years, from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s, his flamboyant style at the table being as popular with the spectators as it was overwhelming to his opponents. During those peak years, it took a rare player to face Ronnie even; nearly everyone could get a ball or two — or more.

Ronnie also developed a very strong one-handed technique. Many players who hesitated to step to the table with him in normal fashion were enticed to take him on, their two hands to his one, only to find he shot nearly as well one-handed!

Ronnie at the rack

Credited with inventing ‘power One Pocket’

Ronnie is famous for his creative shots that aggressively move several balls at once away from his opponent’s pocket and towards his own. His entertaining and exciting style of play came as quite a contrast to the conservative style employed by most of the top One Pocket players when Ronnie first burst on to the One Pocket scene. His exciting style has inspired many of our younger generation of players, which has made the game itself more entertaining for countless fans.