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  • Railyard 2024 MOT

    28 Players found their way from all corners of the country, traveling by plane, car and motorcycle, for our 8th annual OnePocket.org Member’s only Tournament at Railyard Billiards in Louisville, KY. Hosted by room owner Kyle Ferguson, the tournament was played on their 8 matching 9’ Diamond tables, all with 4-1/4” corner pockets — an […]

  • The Art of One Pocket By Steve Booth

    A comprehensive guide to pool’s most captivating game  OnePocket.org is pleased to introduce the publication of a new book, The Art of One Pocket, by Steve Booth, the founder of OnePocket.org. The book covers all aspects of the game from basics like choosing your pocket to nuances from the game’s mental side. Twenty years in […]

  • 2023 OnePocket.org MOT

    Chicago Brings Home the Cheese! Congratulations to “Chicago Mike” Eck, who came out of the one loss side to topple hot seat winner “12Squared” Dave Gross in the single race to 4 finals. We had a well balanced full field thanks to a large number of western members from LA up to Vancouver who make […]

  • Buffalos 2023

    Photos courtesy Desi Williams. When the Smoke Cleared, a New Buffalo’s Champion was Crowned! Evan Lunda wins his first major One Pocket tournament, going undefeated through a stellar field of 26 players, including wins over Billy Thorpe, Scott Frost, Danny Smith and Shane Wolford. Comeback player Danny Smith had a great showing, but eventually settled […]

  • 8th Annual Buffalo’s Pro Classic!

    Here you go guys, the BIGGEST One Pocket event of the year!!!Buffalos Pro Classic is $31,000 added total this year.World Famous Buffalos Billiards in New Orleans-May 23-28, 2023.$20,000 Added $2000 entry Pro One Pocket.$10,000 Added Open 9 Ball. (7ft Diamonds)$1,000 Added One Ball One Pocket mini.