Donny Anderson

Donny Anderson congratulated by fellow Bank Pool Hall of Fame inductees Truman Hogue and Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna
Diana Hoppe photo
  • The One Pocket Hall of Fame

    Is pleased to honor

    Donny ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ Anderson

    Legends of Bank Pool
  • Name: Donny Anderson
    Nickname: The Cincinnati Kid
    From: Cincinnati, OH
    Born: June 9, 1929
    Died: May 1, 2015
    Elected Year: 2007

Donny flanked by James ‘Youngblood’ Brown and the late ‘Bugs’ Rucker at the first World Bank Pool tournament
photo courtesy Donny Anderson

Born June 9th, 1929, as a youngster Donny Anderson picked up an interest in Bank Pool from his father, who was a “halfway decent player” himself, according to Donny. At that time there just happened to be two other kids in Cincinnati about Donny’s age that also had a special gift of pool talent: Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz and Joey Spaeth. Hitting the road before they could even drive, these three young guns developed a little reputation for themselves as the ‘kids from Cincinnati’ – later to become ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ for Donny Anderson.
While the elusive ‘Clem’ turned his attention to One Pocket, and Joey became one of the all-around stars of Johnston City, Bank was always Donny’s game of choice, and with the advent of Bank Pool tournaments in the early 70’s, it was Donny Anderson that emerged as our first Bank Pool World Champion.

Donny still competitive a few years ago at the Derby City Classic
Photo courtesy Conrad Burkman

Donny continued to compete all the way up into the first few years of the Derby City Classic, playing well enough to beat fellow Bank Pool Hall of Fame player Truman Hogue twice one year!
Unlike many of our Hall of Fame players, Donny nearly always juggled a full time job along with his pool playing. He’d work all week, then slip out on the road for a weekend of action. Maybe this divided attention cut into his full potential as a player, but with his Banks specialization and natural ability, it didn’t seem to hurt his game that much, and Donny did very well.
Donny’s tournament record includes:

  • Winning the first World Bank Tournament, Springfield, Ohio
  • 2nd Place LA Banks division 1990 (when he was the oldest player in the tournament)

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Truman and Donny exchanged good-natured roasts at his induction dinner