2018 Senior One Pocket Open

Hosted by Bogies

Sammy Jones, Mary Kenniston & Keith Thompson enjoying themselves at the 2018 Senior One pocket Open!

Congratulations to co-champions Ike Runnels and James Davis Sr. for making their way through a tough field at Bogies 2018 Annual Senior One Pocket tournament. 36 Players squared off in Houston for the 3rd annual senior event, which began in 2015 but missed one year due to the severe Houston floods of 2017.


  • James Davis Sr.

  • Ike Runnels

With all of the players being 65 and older, the tourney featured a lot of old school One Pocket. That was reflected in some extended match times, but that did not seem to bother either the players or the spectators. However, given the finals would have started their single race to 4 at about 3:30 Monday AM, the top two finishers decided a 1st 2nd split was in order. It helped that the same buyer had both players in the Calcutta! So James Davis Sr ended up going undefeated, with Ike Runnels working his way through the one-loss side to capture a share of the 2018 title.


  • Billy Incardona

  • Sammy Jones

The final results claiming their shares of the $10,400 prize fund (plus another $8,000 in the Calcutta) were:

1/2 James Davis Sr & Ike Runnels
3rd Billy Incardona
4th Sammy Jones
5/6 John Ditoro & Bob Herchek
7/8 Scott Kitto & Jerry Matchin

  • Group discussion!

  • Trick shot time!

Thank you very much for the generosity of Bogies room owners Cody & Jessica Parish, who added $3000 to the prize fund, and even fed the players every day! Bogies is a well maintained player oriented room, with a welcoming style from the owner down to the wait staff, and you can see why it has thrived under the manager John Rizzo for so many years.

Tournament director Bill Fuller stayed on top of the results and table assignments, while the players battled it out.

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Here is another experience written by another one of our own!

With many layers of Rounders, anything is possible. The high clouds from the Baja hurricane had just passed over Houston, weather was gonna be nice. The hotels showed the stress of the 2016 flooding.

Tables played WELL, not all were w/o shims tho all pocket sizes were comparable.

There was a common error all players experienced, the over cut. It was excessive. Most likely because we all grew up playing with the older table conditions of the sixties.

Entering the room/Bogies Houston 1960 FM hwy, the smoke seemed less. Someone yelled ”any action around here” in a jesting way.

The Player auction began, the mic had problems, went directly to Vocal Cords. The air was electric, and Sammy Jones has a pic of the Three Amigos….that he should share with us all, in those black hats. Someone PLEASE get that….

To Kick it off was Mr. Robert Newkirk, he raised his hand so quickly when he bid on himself, that he FELL off his bar stool. Game on….The laughter was everywhere….some of us in our 80’s.

Here’s how it played how we got nuked. Nuke our R.N….He’s sitting on a swiveling bar stool DUH :). He gets excited, the bid is at $300, Nuke raises his hand Quickly for $350 and falls off his bar stool on to the ground, Laughing got outta hand. (we love you nuke).

Immediately his value went down to $200, was said in jest :). As he hit the ground someone said $50, then ”how’s your back”….nuke said ”BETTER”. that’s how he rolls.

Game on at Bogies. It’s funny, nuke is like Roger Griffis but doesn’t hit the ground as hard.

Next Rizzo/RIZZO….auction bidding, nothing happened……………..yet anything CAN happen….we were waiting on a minimum bid of $20, announcer said, ”I’m waiting on $15). LMAO.

Now remember, we haven’t even asked him to stand yet, so to get the bids UP he needed to be seen. Announcer said ”stand up John”….John said, ”I am”. We all lost it in laughter. Announcer said ”my bad”. You had too be there.

They call em “3 & out Rizzo”, shouted from the crowd. lmao x4

Heard someone say Jim McCary looked fashionable
Warren Ruth from Weatherford TX runnin with nuke. $40
KY Bill is originally from KY. DUh lol.

Auctioneer said player #11 was a good player….to get his bid more than $60 but, from the crowd someone yelled, ”NO, he’s not a good player”. lol

Sammy Jones said;
Larry Liscotti would go out for a loaf of bread, and be gone for three months.
Larrys wife Suzie was good at finding him.
Suzie once threatened Larry and followed thru. She threw his cloths in the snow. Dead of Winter
He came back a week later, picked up a shirt and knocked on her door.
When the door opened….he held up the frozen shirt and said….”I thought I said no starch”.

One of the players JIC he got robbed, put money into all four pockets.

LS John from MO was in KC, and always wanted to have chili where supposedly Harry Truman did hang out. Long counter…..Dixons? anywho, it’s all about the….Chili.

John ordered then asked ”could I have some ketchup”?

Waitress said ”ohhh no, you don’t wanna put ketchup on this chili” try some Mustard. LMAO

Ohhhhhhh…….no really, thank you….”I’d rather have ketchup John said”.

She said NO….we roared loudly knowing what might be next.

She was talkin’ to L J. BS doesn’t do well here

She then said ”we don’t HAVE ketchup”. LMAO

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