Donny ‘Cincinnati Kid’ Anderson Dies

June 9, 1929- May 1, 2015

Donny Anderson at the One Pocket Hall of Fame social hour in January 2008

Bank Pool legend Donny Anderson died of natural causes on May 1 at the ripe old age of 85. Donny grew up in Cincinnati, and was very close to the same age as two other great players who also grew up in the same area — Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz and Joey Spaeth. The three of them competed with each other and traveled together as youngsters, sharpening all of their games as they matured. Donny especially took to Bank Pool, and he made that game his championship domain for the rest of his playing career. He was elected into the Bank Pool Hall of Fame in the class of 2007 for his outstanding contribution to the legacy of the game of Bank Pool. Among his other achievements, he won the very first “World Bank Tournament” in 1972 in Springfield, Ohio. He remained very competitive in Banks up into the first years of the Derby City Classic.

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