Hard Times 2005 Summer Jamboree

Hard Times in Sacramento, CA has a real nice tournament setup in a separate room with eight extra tight tables and bleacher seating

Hard Times kicked off its annual Summer Jamboree with a series of mini tournaments Monday night. True to its reputation as a hotbed for One Pocket, 4 out of the 5 minis were One Pocket, using a special race to 15 ball count format developed by tournament director Tom Suarez. If a second rack is necessary to determine a winner, then the player with the lowest ball count breaks.

One Pocket division winner
Buddy Hall

According to Tom, “All the players really liked the new format. It is based on an idea I got from a conversation with Ronnie Allen last year.”

Mark Haddad won two of these minis, with Jose Parica and Tony Chohan each snapping off one as well. In addition, Parica ran 15 and out twice!

Final results, One Pocket division

1st Buddy Hall $3000
2nd Jose Parica $2200
3rd Dan Wallace $1225
4th Billy Palmer $1000
5th/6th Mark Haddad, Amar Kang $500
7th/8th Ernesto Dominguez, Jerry Matchin $350
9th/12th Ronnie Allen, Danny Basavich, Damian Alishan, John Henderson $250

Buddy defeated Jose 5-1 in the extended race to five finals. This year’s event had 49 entries in the One Pocket division.