Members Tourney Almost Here!

Hosted by Chris's Billiards

Dates June 16-18, 2017 Format Double Elimination
Location Chicago, IL Match Race to 3 both sides
Room Chris’s Billiards Entry $100.00
Field 32 Players Green Fees $20.00

Confirmed Player List

The list is ordered based on sign-up date

# User Name Real Name Entry Paid Arriving
1 darmoose Darrell Randolph Yes Thursday
2 cincy_kid Chris Heinrich Yes Friday
3 rnewkirk Robert Newkirk Yes Wednesday
4 mhilton777 Matt Hilton Yes Thursday
5 poolisboring Donald Dorward Yes Thursday
6 One Pocket Ghost Bruce Perry local local
7 NHSteve Steve Booth Yes Friday
8 Jakie Nick Principe Yes Wednesday
9 chicagomike Mike Eck Yes Friday
10 Cory in DC Cory Capps Yes Friday
11 DWS Donn Schrader Yes Friday
12 1pwannabe Thomas McKane Yes Friday
13 jtompilot Jim Tomassoni Yes Friday
14 jhendy John Henderson Yes ?
15 crabbcatjohn John Crabb Yes Friday
16 Miller Dustin Miller Yes Friday
17 12squared David Gross Yes Friday
18 Nick B Nick Beretanos Yes Friday
19 Island Drive Bill Meacham Yes Thursday
20 wgcp Bille Miller Yes Thursday
21 1 Hole Nut Jason Moran Yes Friday
22 johnnytronic John Daminato Yes Friday
23 tsk7878 Tom Kovalcik Yes Friday
24 Red Shoes John Lavin Yes Friday
25 Tom Wirth Tom Wirth Yes Friday
26 scrzbill Bill Meyers Yes TBD
27 FastEddieF Eddie Friedman Yes Friday
28 youngstownkid Mark Mariani Yes Thursday
29 wincardona Billy Incardona Yes ?
30 #Cruncher Matt Daiber Yes ?
31 OneRock Peter Ghostine Yes ?
32 Mkbtank Mitch Brown Yes ?

From Steve on the Forums

Ok, the location for our 2nd Annual Tournament is Chris’s Billiards in Chicago. It is the storied classic poolroom that was featured in the movie “The Color of Money” — their website is here:

The dates for the tournament are June 16, 17 & 18 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). The official start will be 4 PM Friday, but for those few players that cannot arrive in time for Friday night matches, they may have to play earlier Saturday morning to avoid falling behind in the tournament. No one will forfeit for not arriving Friday, but all players are encouraged to come as early as you can both for the sake of the tournament and for the camaraderie. Saturday and Sunday matches will start at noon — with the tournament director’s prerogative to have some matches start earlier if the tournament flow has fallen behind sufficiently to warrant that. For our first tournament, we had a single race in the finals. (We have time to talk about this, but expect it to be a single final race unless we come up with a better plan.)

This is a double elimination tournament, races to 3 on both sides of the bracket. The entry fee is $100, payable as soon as you want to get on the list. Your name goes up when the entry is received. Our first tournament was limited to 32 players and this one is also to be expected to be limited to 32. We just barely filled the first one, so 32 does not seem like a problem. (I am willing to reconsider the 32 player limit if it looks like we will readily exceed it, since Chris’s has many more tables than Lacey’s had. But that is only going to happen if we first fill up the 32 and we start to grow a significant waiting list. So if you want to certain to get in, get your money in early enough.)