The “Encyclopedia” of Pool Hustlers

by Freddy "The Beard" Bentivegna

‘The Beard’ has outdone himself. This is a great compilation of the kind of insider pool hustler tales that most people never hear second hand, let alone get close enough to observe in person, as Freddy has. In all my interviews with players, I have been impressed at the detail they can remember, but some have really stood out, and none more than Freddy. To me “The Encyclopedia” is not just his book, it really is the man — Freddy ‘The Beard himself is a walking encyclopedia of pool action history. Other players have great stories to tell of course, but what sets Freddy apart is his ability to communicate so readily in all different media — in person, in writing, in commentary and in video. To that degree, with that first hand knowledge, he is one of a kind.

Since The Encyclopedia was published, Freddy has been getting some well-deserved media attention, from Chicago to NYC, as the press is discovering the man behind the book, such as this great article that includes a video piece: The Twilight of Freddy the Beard

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