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Island Drive
06-25-2013, 10:25 AM
Here's a few thoughts to get Sunnyones day goin'....Enjoy

Post # From AZ

139 Humans discriminate against lesser skilled humans in just about every walk of life
144 geez, at least the woman pool players play on 9 foot tables, NOT five foot tables
145 the OP was saying that the ladies don't have the hand eye coordination like the guys
149 Annie Oakley could cut it in a man's world
150 but when a game stays out of touch and does not "change" it doesn't grow too much
152 there will never be as many women as men in fields of brutal competition because that's just the way it is
153 Thanks. Humor is my bag.
154 Modern women want to do it all
155 And in a 1000 years people might think it was silly that there was ever a time in human history when a woman's brain was thought to be inferior to a man's in any aspect.
157 The jobs of men are always more brutal than those of women, and more risky
158 Just admit it and I'm out of here. In fact, I think I'm out of here anyway.
160 This is like watching Fox News and MSNBC
161 I come from a warrior tribe (as does my wife)...and I have daughters...if I fall in battle, they'll have to take up the sword and continue for me...and I ain't the least bit worried....
164 we've all seen female players in open tournaments that only play against men that seem to have a more muscular way of playing.
165 Up until the computer age, the development of human history has been driven forward by the genius of men from every conceivable field. Perhaps you can point me in the direction of Mrs Socrates, Ms Einstein, Ms Beethoven, Miss Newton?
167 You really have a broken google don't you?
168 in the pool world, it's every MAN for himself
136 I feel simply that women are not as creative as men. I'm talking about across the board.
137 I get the feeling that some women feel about men the same as many large retail stores feel about Walmart
122 Now girls can spot guys the 7ball when it comes maturity and priorities and stuff like that..
124 women have fully bypassed men today in academic pursuits.
127 I think there are just less women interested in hitting rocks with sticks than men
139 But her brain doesn't interpret the images and pass orders along to the muscles in the same way.

06-25-2013, 11:31 AM
on the same theme
im curious sunnyones comment on this video.....;)
thanks to cary for posting the link(vimeo version) in the member section

Island Drive
06-25-2013, 12:35 PM
Thx, that's just like a good cup of coffee....