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    Typically, I wake up at three am, sometimes earlier, to write. This is about the time my old pool life saw me retire. It's usually quiet, with no interuptions. Now that I've started perusing pool sites and stuffing books and tapes into envelopes, I get very little writing done. I've become like some gossipy old woman...Lordy, how I love it.

    Neil Simon said he had one room in his house where he goes to write for eight hours each day. He said "I open that door and they're all in there." That's how it is with you guys...and gals. I punch these little keys and "voila" all my pool buddies are up for a chat.

    My current project, FROM THE HIGH ATLAS TO THE U.N. takes you from Berber villages tucked away in the Atlas Mountains, through many years of my adventures scouring Morocco for exotic textiles and artifacts. Along the way you'll go with me on a wild boar hunt with a Moroccan princess. You'll see what life is like inside Morocco's royal palace and even be a part of smuggling weapons into the UN (inadvertantly). It doesn't have anything to do with pool, but it's turning out pretty exciting.
    Oh! Alfie. Quit your bragging and get to work...and keep it nice. Alfie
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    .....a microwave or a woman,easy to turn on,impossible to turn off.Cheers,Jack