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Congratulations Jeff Sparks!

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    Congratulations Jeff. You played like a champion even though I know you must have been worn out. You've got some kind of firepower ole buddy.


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      Originally posted by gulfportdoc View Post
      Just heard that Jeff won the First Annual 1P event after marathon late night play. Congratulations Jeff!

      After a long grueling battle with Newkirk, the match with our man Casey must have been a gun fight with two sharp shooters! And it was nice of James Christopher to then agree to one short race, given the lateness of the hour.

      Looks like the Super Seniors took down the top four spots. It'll take y'all a day or two to rest up.

      The tournament went longer than it needed to. If it's at Lacy's next year (Frank has already offered, and will put in bleachers, TV table, etc.) I'd suggest playing most of the events on the normal 4-1/2" pocket tables, and if desired, use one of the 4-1/8" tables for the streaming pit.

      All of the matches on the super tight front tables went long; some, super long. Therefore the tournament went later than it ought to have. In my view, super tight tables are for pros only. There were no pros in this event. The small pockets, plus the natural humidity in the South combined to make the tables play super tough.

      But it was a great inaugural event. Congratulations to everyone who played, and to all the behind the scenes guys who took their time and expense to make it happen!


      Good post... I was delighted Tall Jeff prevailed. I was sort of pulling for someone who was a real poster on this board to win. Watched a good bit of it and it looked great on full screen. I happen to tune in right near the start of Sniper and Mitch B's match one time. Ended up watching their whole match. Watched Jeff's last two matches for sure, also. Excellent. I also think that playing two matches the first day and using 4 1/2's, with a good TD would be preferable, but that's up to them. I liked it a lot.....
      "Born Into This"


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        Mving vs. Shooting ?

        First, John, I will be 68 Saturday, Tom W will be 65 in Nov.

        I think it was about 50/50 split on what I would consider senior players vs younger guys.

        But, if you look at the order of finish, it makes you think that one pocket is more about knowledge from years of playing it and a good portion of still being able to shoot fairly straight.

        That is another reason onehole is such a great game. You can play it til you lose your eyesight or get a bad case of the yips, as they say in golf.

        I know that when I started playing onepocket with the 50- 70 year old players in Ft. Worth, I was about 23-24 years old. Then it was considered an old man sport(game). Now, it is very popular with the younger players, very popular.

        I can only imagine the skill level it will take in the future when all the future young guns learn how play and elevate each others game.


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          Originally posted by rnewkirk View Post
          First, John, I will be 68 Saturday, Tom W will be 65 in Nov.
          OK, OK, but you're still young whippersnappers to me.

          You, Tom, Jeff and James impress me most with your straight shooting.... not as consistent as you used to be, but still better than 90% of serious pool players. Congratulations to all four of you. Any of those matches between you could go either way on any day.

          Robert, you crazy SOB, you are a joy to spend time with for us pool players, but how you convinced your beautiful wife to stick with you is beyond me. She can't possibly be as intelligent as she seemed to me.


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            Congratulations Jeff Sparks. You play pool and write exceptionally well.

            Have words, will travel.