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  • Efren Reyes vs Billy Thorpe Rebroadcast-Best 3 out of 5 Races to 10 of One Pocket

    Starting Tonight Thursday JUNE 13TH at 4 pm central.

    Match is about 26 hours long total and will play on a loop continuously for at least a 3 day period. Free for Premium Members or $19.95.

    If you like One Pocket this match is about as good as it gets

    Double J Jeremy Jones does a fantastic job doing expert commentary breaking down shots and strategies of the game.

    Listening to Jeremy do commentary is like taking a master class in the game of One Pocket.

    To Purchase a Rebroadcast Pass Click The Black Button below

    Click image for larger version

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    • Wow, this is a great move by Ray. I didn't miss a shot, but I'm sure many others did. If this becomes standard practice, I'll bet his revenue takes a jump.


      • Originally posted by beatle View Post
        bank the 1 then skin off the 13 and follow the 9 in.
        It's hard to tell in this screen shot, but because of the position of the cue ball that bank wasn't really available. Billy played off the two ball and tried to corner hook Efren but was unable to do so, and Efren played the 8-9 combo.

        Billy was laughing and shouting "What do I do!?" Efren just shouted "You need help!" It was pretty funny and an unusual ending.
        Erik in Lancaster, PA