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Photos from Bogie's Senior One Pocket

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  • Photos from Bogie's Senior One Pocket

    What a great tournament, and great time! We had a full and enthusiastic field this year with a number of new players, including Nick Varner and Steve 'The Lizard' Smith. California was well represented, as was Florida, plus about every other region of the country!

    I have created a gallery of over 200 photos here:

    There were actually three different photographers wandering around over the four days -- the local guy that has photographed at Bogies before, the son of one of the senior players, and me

    A great time was had by all it seemed -- with one health related exception, but looking like full recovery there too.

    You can get a sense of how much of a great time in some of these photos...

    Mary Kenniston with runner up Ike Runnels

    Billy and Nick

    What is the ruling when you drop an object ball into the cluster when you are spotting a ball?

    Those two young people in the middle here are actually Bogie's owners and our wonderful hosts for the tournament, Cody & Jessica Parish!!
    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
    -- Strawberry Brooks

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    Thx, your last pick above, with Kitto the owners and Nick, that's a good one.

    I looked at all the pix, thx....was nice to see Jeff Sparks there....seeing Varner smiling in your picks really jumped out. Never did see em smile allot when we battled during match play in our youth, after a match yeah, but seeing em smile in allot of your pictures was great, and Toni is coming next year to watch. on FB she gave it away.
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    Bill Meacham
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      awesome photos as always, thanks Steve!


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        Great pics as always Steve
        Who is the women in pic 25/27?


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          Originally posted by lll View Post
          Who is the women in pic 25/27?
          That is Ming Ng. (I think Ng can be prounounced either "Ing" or, believe it or not, "Wu.") Good player. Been around the pool scene long enough that it has become impolite to ask her how long. She's a live wire. Praised me to high heaven about how well I moved playing Ogburn, then tried to recruit me to teach her the game (for "friendly" stakes, of course.) She's so much fun it's hard to mind her sneaky con.

          Col. Bille knows more about her pool game than I do.