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A Tribute to Billy Incardona

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  • A Tribute to Billy Incardona

    Pittsburgh Billy, what a great name. Welcome to the One Pocket Hall of Fame. You are now in a class with the greatest. Being in the hall of fame is a great honor and accomplishment. You have joined the class of the elite, and all the people in the Hall of Fame with the best hustlers and the best pool players. And all the years you played cannot be duplicated. They belong to you and Hall of Fame players. You have always been a Hall of Fame player, even when you where that cocky little kid back in Pittsburgh. Except back then, there was no One-Pocket or Banks Hall of Fame. You have left your name and trademark in all the pool rooms in the country. And if they don’t know you, they must be from another planet. When I used to watch you play it was like watching Pavarotti sing. You have all the tools and talent to be the greatest. And in your prime, you could have beaten anyone. Your stroke, your style was perfect, you were a flashy player, and you made the pool balls talk on the green felt. You added glamour and color to the game at the beautiful pool table with the shining lights. It was like watching a constellation in the sky. And every ball you made hit dead center in the back of the pocket. You make the balls sing and dance, and you kept running rack after rack. Like you were playing by yourself. And your style and grace was one of a kind. And you were dressed like you were going to the opera. But you were going to the pool room. No one can teach you class, either you have it or you don’t. And you were born with it. And you are a natural and you have what it takes. And you were always around the best: Eddie Taylor, Luther Lassiter, Leonard Rucker, Ronnie Allen. And in cards you were around the greatest card players in life. Chip Reese and Stu Unger. And even in sports you were always around the best. And if those champions would still be here, they would be very proud of you. I remember the joy and laughter we shared and you had the greatest laugh of them all. One day, when you cannot be seen anymore you will still be hired. I can feel this special moment in your heart and mine. And I can see the glow on your face. And then you have the feeling of love and accomplishment. You have earned it. And you deserve it. It’s your time in life to shine. This is the beginning of One Pocket and Bank Pool Hall of Fame. And by the year 3000, there will be a lot of new names and faces in the One Pocket and Bank Pool Hall of Fame. And you are the people who started the Hall of Fame and made it happen. I congratulate all of you. I want to thank everyone for the contribution and giving your time and dedication in doing such a great job. I would like to put Steve Booth in the Hall of Fame. And put his name as the first inductee. As our president on With the greatest hustlers and players in life. I wish Mr. Billy Incardona all the joy and happiness I wish for myself. You are a superstar. And the things you have done will all be remembered, because you have done so many great things. And Bugs said you are 100% class. And you are a loving, caring father. And I can only describe you as I see you. A winner, a giver, and the more awesome human being that ever picked up a cue. Still you are a blessed, not because of all your accomplishments and talent, but because of all the friends and people you shared your life with, and it shows. You are a real human being and you lived an interesting and exciting life. And you didn’t get shortchanged at all. Real living that magical life that inside of you. The whole world loves Pittsburgh Billy. I would like Larry Schwartz and everyone there to gather around Pittsburgh Billy and all of the Hall of Fame players and join in and give them all a big group hug. And have someone take the picture and put it on and all other related sites. It will be the greatest and most awesome picture ever taken.

    Artie Bodendorfer 2008

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    My Contribution to the Tribute

    Artie, you did a great job in honoring Billy, and I'm glad I was at least able to help you post it. It would have made a great speech, but I could not read it at the induction ceremony because of time constraints. Furthermore, I am glad that I was able to honor Billy's induction into the One Pocket Hall of Fame and read his daughter, Allana's speech that she wanted me to deliver. In addition, I was honored to be Billy's personal guest at the Hall of Fame banquet. Billy plays one pocket with the same passion with which he played pool in the '60's and '70's, when he was one of the most talented and best pool players in the world, especially for money. Finally, I'd like to congratulate the other well-deserved and overdue inductees: Jimmy Fusco, Jimmy Reid, and all of the others.

    I want to close with three words................

    Larry Schwartz


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      Great photos of OPHOF at Inside Pool Magazine, checkout link below.


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        I want to congratulate all the new inductee's to the hall of fame they all deserve the honor to be with the elite members already honored . I especially want to congratulate Billy who I know personally and have admired for years for his playing ability , but more so for being a good person and a great spokesmen for the game we all love . I met Billy at the Golden eight ball in Chicago and donated a few bucks and its a great memory for me that I played a world champion even though he was stalling . Billy and Jimmy Mataya use to frequently make Chicago one of their stops and were feared by just about everybody both classy guys . Billy has devoted his life to the pool world and I know for a fact he's one proud guy for being voted into the Hall of Fame by the members of one who know what great players deserve the honor . The members should congratulate themselves for their choices this year . I know one guy in heaven who has a big smile on his face seeing his friend in the Hall of fame and thats Eddie Chate a guy that loved Billy . I hope all the young players take a good look at Billy as a roll model for pool and understand what he has given to the sport with total class. Congratulations Billy and I wish that I could have seen you honored , but those horses I've been betting think there sheep ! One more thing cause we are both Italian with dark hair and I was mistaken for you when someone told the guy I was playing that he was playing the Pittsburgh Kid and the sucker quit me !

        You owe me a bite ! Race Track Phil


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          Sometimes, it takes a while before people recognize and acknowledge great accomplishments. And sometimes, no matter how good or accomplished somebody is at something, fame and acclaim elude them. They are never recognized or given their just accolades. You are indeed one of the lucky ones! To be so highly honored by your peers, table opponants and friends, well, you must be almost on top of the world!

          I join the many well wishers here and offer sincere and hearty congratulations on your fantastic accomplishment! To have a career culimnate by being inducted into the Hall of Fame is an incredible achievement! We are so very happy for you, proud of you and thankful that there is still more exploits to come from Bill Incardona!
          Jesus said- I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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            A great tribute from Billy's old Chicago buddy Artie. And all of it right on. Billy set himself apart from all the other hustlers early on in his career. He had a different way of speaking and presenting himself. When Billy was making a game, it always sounded like a businessman discussing a pending deal. He took his time and analyzed all the variables and weighed his options out loud. It was an interesting process to observe as Billy carefully weighed the pros and cons of an impending match up.

            And when he was satisfied that all the necessary criteria had been met, Billy would beam that magnificent smile and say "Okay, let's play". And then he would play his ass off until his opponent cried uncle, which more often than not, was the case. If it took a day or a week, Billy would battle one ball at a time down to the bitter end. He never quit trying and never gave up. Billy Cardone was a fighter! And still is I might add. Of all the old school guys, Billy has changed the least. He can still get in that ring and get the balls rolling with some serious cheese at stake. And take it down!

            Billy stood out in a time when there were many great players. They broke the mold when they made Cardone, there was never another one quite like him. He may have been the most respected pool player of his era. I think he'll be like old man Cokes, still hustlin' the champs when he is an old man. And still givin' 'em hell. Congratulations Billy! It's long overdue.
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