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    I'm trying to find new ways to practice 1P by myself, so after watching all my instructional tapes from Grady, and the only other one I have from Allen Hopkins, I started playing myself. From one side I would play very tight, no chances, from the other side I played more of the new school, always moving balls to my side, a few more low % shots and chances. I'm having a great time, and because of my personality I think, the more aggressive way is winning. I also went 18 shots without leaving a good shot either way which was cool. Anyone else have any good ways to practice?

    Thanks, Gerry

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    I've noticed with most average players that they simply play and do not spend any time working on the basics. Naturally playing will improve your game but incorporating some intensive work on the basics will speed your improvement. In one-pocket I would begin a session breaking the balls quite a few times until I got it to where I was satisfied. Next, I would work getting out of the break. Do not get into playing the game at this time but concentrating on why you're doing the drill. Re-rack after every instance and do it again to prevent losing focus. Then I would work on the simple one rail banks nothing fancy!! Learn to lengthen and shorten the banks during this drill. After that I would work on a few of the specialty shots that can pull you out of trouble or simply turn the game into your favor. Grady's tapes have quite a few and I'm sure you're aware of others. These shots have to be practiced!!! Don't expect to watch it on tape and step up make it happen. I remember showing a friend a praticular shot that could win him some games. A couple of days later he said to me "thanks for that shot--I LOST a match with it. Not one time did he ever practice the shot, he never got a feel for it and as a result he hit it poorly and sold out. In contrast to that, Jimmy Fusco gave me a shot which I then practiced 1,000 times and it has paid great dividends over the years. Plus, I have no hesitation in shoot it since I have complete confidence. You must practice particular shots to "get a feel for it". This should be a regular routine and not just once-in-awhile if you expect to get anything out of it. Finally, the minute you lose interest and start banging balls around or begin doing other things within a drill STOP!!!! That's how you develop bad habits and then reinforce them--quit for a while or find someone to play to get your head back into the game. Drills are tough to do and to remain focused on but the rewards are great!


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      Just wanted to add something. Many years ago I knew a fairly good local 9 ball player. In conversation he happened to mention that he always has trouble slow rolling a ball and misses more times than a player of his caliber should. I asked if he ever practiced the shot and he looked at me kind of strange. Of course, he never did and as a result the shot scared him to death whenever it came up in a session.