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Florida, Melbourne, Brevard county

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    You gamble every day of your life. You bet your life every day you get in a car or cross the street.

    You bet the insurance companies 1000's of dollars your house will burn down. And your car will get in a wreak.


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      Key West

      I’m in key west. New pool hall. Shooterz. Non smoking. 3 9’ gold crowns. Simonis cloth. 2 9’ I can’t remember. And they have a Russian pyramid 6x12. 3-1/4” pockets. Would love to play somebody 1p on that. I will even let you guys play, with 2-1/4 balls. The Pyramid balls are 3”. If you insist on using the big balls get a break cue. The cues we use are a minimum 25 ounces. And 67” long. Hope to see you guys!
      Ps. I am not bad at pyramid, We have about 10 Russian players here (the owner is Russian) and they all say I make them nervous playing as good as I do. I have only played 6 nights in 6 weeks.. I would like to get them to play 1p or golf.
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      "I'm gettin worse everyday and right now
      I'm playing like it's next year"


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        Originally posted by johnnytronic View Post
        Going to be in FL over the weekend, brought my cue. Interested in doing cheap sets. However if gambling is not your thang. Good practice is my priority. Highly susceptible to being hustled. I’m from Chicago.
        Contact Tom Wirth. He is in Florida and is a great teacher and player.
        Live long and play strong,