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    Rules Update Conversation

    -Make a ball on the break. Spot it and sit. that includes if you make a ball in your opponents pocket. -Base of ball is fine with me. Whole ball makes a safe zone, 5-1/2" x 50" that is 275 square inches, it is 5.5% of the playing surface, also losing 112.5 square inches, which is a bigger...
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    Ghost vs. Mike 3 - wwyd?

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    2020 DCC

    thanks bud 250 lll it is, I will most certainly not forget all of the games, I have it on video:D:D:D Dave, I don't think so, me also.
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    Cliff Joyner

    I will definitely mention the marketing of lessons.
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    2020 DCC

    I had an amazing time, sorry i missed everybody, i did see Cincy in passing. Banks I only made it to the 3rd round, after winning my first round match, 3-1. 1 Pocket I won the first 3 rounds, 3-1, so I was feeling pretty good. than lost the 4th round 2-3, and the fifth round 2-3, damn. 9 Ball I...
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    Cliff Joyner

    he was one of the best. the last four years at dcc i have hung out with him, we have become good buds, we would work out, that's what he called practice,lol. i am sorry i missed him in his prime, ever since his stroke in 2018?, he has trouble executing, but all the knowledge is there. our work...
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    Atlanta Tournaments ???

    I will be there the 19th till the 27th. I pretty sure that Mr. Cues II has Wednesday 1P. Is there any others?
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    Wwyd 6-6

    hill hill match, your shot. your pocket is labeled, scores in the pockets HINT: The angle on the 1 is not as good as it looks. [/URL][/IMG]
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    For Sale Jensen 4pt "Szamboti style"

    For sale: 90% used Jensen "Szamboti style" cue 4 pt (pics 1-5) 58" long, appx 19.5oz. steel jointed,5/16-14 pin All white is ivory except ferrules and butt cap. Birdseye/ebony, two shafts, SOLD Firm Free shipping 48 continential US. Money orders only. Sorry no Paypal Trade is possible. I would...
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    8ball anyone.......

    my other post was FUBAR and i didnt get any responses since it was fubar i was playing 8b and i didnt see anything good i know i wouldve lost if i wouldve tried any thing else so i used my 1p imagination so when in trouble think 1p:cool: note the subject i expect to get some responses...
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    I was done..............

    oops see 8b post
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    Odd situation/Question...

    i was playing one pocket the other night we were tied 7 to 7 and i tried to follow the ob into the pocket.his pocket was full, the cue ball went in an the ob made the cb come back on to the shelf but since i didnt scratch we agreed he won the game. we should have spotted the ball i made for him...
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    A wei ????

    Has anybody thought of adding more letters? So people could label more things, and/or what about rail labels,guess you wouldnt need rail labels if their were more letters.
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    that would like to come to KEY WEST FLORIDA. I have a 9' Diamond and and extra room. pm me to work out the details. Artie if you read this i would like to meet you, ithink we think alike but it is hard to tell unless we meet, i would love to come to vegas to meet you but i cannot afford it right...
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    What would you do?

    We have pocket B, our shot, we need two what i did is on pg 2