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    Happy B'Day to Island Drive

    Sorry Bill about the mistake I just caught it. Been working too many hrs.
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    Filler/ Chohan May 12-13th

    Won a little too
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    Filler/ Chohan May 12-13th

    I’m no expert but my view is Josh won’t fair well with a long up table game with someone like Alex or Busty. If he can’t beat em quick he’s gonna go south Till he learns to be patient
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    What they said.
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    Filler vs Shuff tonight

    A good test for Josh right now would be Billy Thorpe. Both have have similar styles I think. Who you like in that matchup?
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    you vs him # 19

    If I understand right my pocket is btm left?If so I’m banking the stripe by his hole and running cue ball into the combo on btm rail
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    Tuscaloosa Squirrel

    Robert next time you see Rowsey ask him about when he and Rosie played Squirrel and his young nephew A little partners. They later found out his youngster was Scott Frost
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    HOF, Buffalos tournament cancelled

    DoDog Diamond James Aranas
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    Table light?

    the led lights in the Southaven Rec work awesome. might want to PM Memphis Bill Rowsey and get particulars.
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    My lesson with the 👻

    welcome to The Addiction that as the man said There ain’t no cure. i think it’s the opposite of No limit hold em A lifetime to learn and a minute to master
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    John vs. Barry 2

    Yeah I am gonna go for this 11. I think it’s my best chance to win. I think anything else is gonna leave an easy offensive shot. If Ghost has a better alternative I’m interested truly.