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    Coker Cue: SF Giants Colors

    1997 Coker Cue, two original shafts, one never played. $750 OBO Six (6) points in Orange and Black, the high points ARE uneven This is a great earlier example of Tom Coker's work that hits wonderfully. The cue was originally made for a local player known as Phil the Broker, but saw almost no...
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    Looking for Players in Santa Clara

    Looking for over 50 players in the Santa Clara Area. The Senior Center on Fremont had 5 full size tables. 3 AMF and 2 unknown that are in reasonable shape. We have at least 6-8 folks that can spell One Pocket and it would be great to have more. Best part is that it is Free! First come...
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    Spotting an owed ball

    Situation: I owe a ball, but have none to spot at the end of my inning My opponent comes to the table. Makes one (or more) of his balls and then makes one in my pocket. When does this ball spot?
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    Buddy Hall: Rags to Rifleman

    First edition 1995 Cover and a few pages dogeared Photos Available on request $300 e-mail
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    One-Pocket dying off in Bay Area?

    Seems like what was once a fair place to get some one-pocket action is losing steam! California Billiards quit hosting their Saturday One-Pocket tourney months ago and the new owners don't seem interested in bringing it back. Memo is no longer trying to get one-pocket going at Campbell I...
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    California Billiards (In Sunnyvale) SOLD!!?

    Word is that Chet Ito has sold California Billiards in Sunnyvale. Anyone out there verify this? California Billiards is without a doubt one of the best laid out and maintained rooms in the country with a nice "players" area with 8 tight Gold crowns and a fierce snooker table with a modertely...
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    Kinister's Tapes?

    Anyone got thoughts on Kinister's Tapes. I just got pretty complete lot and wand opinions please?
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    Santa Clara Valley?!?

    Well, at least two of my one-pocket cronies are leaving the Silly Valley and I'm looking for some new One-Pocket players. I'm a member at Campbell Billiards and alos play at Shoreline a good deal. California Billiards, is nice, but I am still on Chet Ito's Shit List for the review I wrote 2...
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    Danny Median Video!`

    Anyone interested in the a copy of "Become a Better Pool Player" By Danny Medina? $15 Original VHS tape in its slipcover. NEVER seen it before. Leave me a message!
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    Shots, Moves & Stratagies

    Posted today on E-bay. $75 start price. GO GO GO
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    Winning One Pocket on E-bay

    I have a worn copy of winning One Pocket up on E-bay: It ain't pretty but it gets you there RD
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    Balabushkas Abound!

    Wow, there are three Balabushkas on e-0bay at the moment. Each and every one comes with a letter or authenticity from a major name in the sport. Is it really possible that there are so many real Bushkas out there??? :)
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    Southwest Cues = No New Oders?!?

    I just got a buzz that the folks at Southwest are no longer taking any orders for new cues. I also noticed that the prioce for decent SW cues on E-bay just went up considerably. Anyone else hear of this??
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    Boston Break!?!

    Last week we had a little debate in Campbell about the legality of breaking "Boston" (banking the cue into the rack). Memo quietly claimed that you were required, by the BCA rules, to break from the side oppposite the pocket you wanted. Many of the other other in the room vociferiusly...
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    Hill Hill with Memo in Campbell

    I may be slow, but I AM learning. Last Saturday 1 pocket tourny in Campbell I gave memo a run for the cheese. First game I won flip, borke well. Me made GREAT move and then missed bank. I ran 7 in 3rd inning with a couple of clean banks and a nice combo or two for a 7/0 score. He came back...