Shots, Moves & Strategies, some damage, $160

Bob Jewett

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Jan 26, 2005
This book has been sold.
I have a copy of Eddie Robin's Shots, Moves & Strategies. It is in pretty good condition except that the lower-right corner of the book seems to have had a brief encounter with a chainsaw or some such. The cover itself is shredded for about 3/4 inch just on the corner, and the first text page is chawed in about half an inch, with decreasing damage as you go back. The damage does not extend into any text. I couldn't find any writing or highlighting.

If you don't mind a book with some "character" this is the one for you. Fine for reading and good for a loaner copy.

$160 includes shipping. Add $10 for priority, more for foreign.
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Jan 19, 2009
Shots, Moves and Strategies....singed by Jerry Red...“like new“ condition...$225...purchased at International Billiards, Houston...