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youngstownkid 05-10-2017 12:44 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
Today a new cue maker was born. I just drove across Ohio and back to purchase all the equipment, wood, inlay material, and other accessories that would fit in my car.

I've imagined my name on a cue for years. The countdown begins...

youngstownkid 07-07-2017 01:02 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
I've been "away" forum-wise. I know it. All my free time has been putting a shop together and learning how to do all the various things you need to do to build a cue. Which is a lot. I now have a very deep appreciation for all cuemakers out there, and I'm sure that feeling will grow with my own experience.

So far all I'm doing is spending money. And then realize that I need that too. Pins. I'm going to spend almost $250 on pins. Sanding Mandrels? I didn't know what they were a month ago. Another $500.

So far I'm just "repairing" old junk cues, replacing ferrules and tips on my kids cues, practicing the different wraps. I'm anxious to start building more inlays but trying to start where I'm "supposed" to, in repairs. I've also been reading and re-reading how-to's and watching the DVDs that Dustin Miller let me borrow. (Thanks again! I'll get them back to you, hopefully soon...enough, lol)

I've become a little closer with my usual one pocket opponent, who is also a cuemaker who learned from one of the current best, who had learned from one of the legends. He's been really great, very patient with my many questions, full of advice and strong opinions, which have both been noted with the best of my ability. I had a great respect for his playing abilities, and now have a greater respect for the individual because of his willingness to give advice and help. We probably chat every other day at least, and it's actually got him to come out of a sabbatical and setting up his shop again. I feel good about that. I think it will be really great for him to start up again.

youngstownkid 07-31-2017 12:03 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
I spent the whole day cleaning out the garage, so I could extend my workbench enough to make room for a more equipment.

youngstownkid 08-15-2017 12:02 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
Somebody said pictures are worth 1000 words, so happy speed reading...

Lot of work to do to these...going to start with some conversions...

Can't wait to fill that rack up.

youngstownkid 09-28-2017 12:52 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
I bought a bunch of house cues to do conversions, but there are metal rods that were epoxied 3-5 inches from the bottom of the butt.

I will be visiting my dad tomorrow to get a bunch of old bits. My dad's garage is, FYI, where drill bits go to die.

youngstownkid 09-30-2017 12:08 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
It's important to have emotional support just in case the going gets tough.

youngstownkid 12-04-2017 08:53 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
Removing post containing pics of early work.

youngstownkid 12-17-2017 12:53 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
This month, I reconfigured my taper bar, which was a 4 day process. Nothing against the previous ownerís settings, which were well studied, judging by his notes passed on to me - but I felt I could make some improvements with the help of Microsoft Excel and some hyperbolic geekiness. You can see the difference between his and mine measured in thousandths of an inch.

Aside from that, I havenít done a lot of cue building work in the last month, mostly because I canít make decisions. I think about this stuff all day long. Iíve been buying some wood just about every chance I get. Iíve developed some favorites already.

This piece need to cure still, but I plan to make a few full length butts from it, hopefully next year. I think itíll be a wild look.

I have some ideas and designs half baked in my head, but just need to get my shop in order first... What do I do first? So many things need done. I need a dust collection system. (Iíve had a minor reaction to some dust, skin irritations and some mild congestion.) I need a heater in the garage, because itís **** cold here in Ohio. So what do I need in the garage so I can run said future equipment? ...More power? (ďYouíre darn right more power!Ē) ...So I will begin to install a 100 amp sub panel, with the help of a TBD electrician friend. Iím going to buy and run the #2 aluminum SER wire tomorrow...unless my buddy want to play some pool.

This weekend, I started a couple new billets. The one shown is Ebony, which I will fill with 12 micarta rows. Itís definitely not original but I like black and white, so I gotsída do it at least until I get it out of my system.


youngstownkid 02-12-2018 10:36 AM

Mariani Custom Cues
I made a nice score early in the year and used it toward a dust collection system. I did some research and feel that I got the most out of it, since I made the large chip collector easily thanks to a kit I bought, essentially turning it into a two phase system . I also ended up making a custom hood for the lathe, but Iím still working on a way to mount it onto the cross slide. For now, I mostly have to hold it in place. I havenít done any serious turning in the last couple weeks because of some free time setbacks, but so far it seems to work just fine.


youngstownkid 03-01-2018 04:24 PM

Mariani Custom Cues
Removing post containing pics of early work.

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