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Originally Posted by petie View Post
pj, Three things. 1. We are talking about hitting the cue ball with draw and this having an effect on the path of a banked object ball.
Agreed. And only (I assume) on the OB's path as it rebounds from the rail (not going into the rail).

2. Your stroke makes a difference. There are strokes and there are strokes. You need a stroke to show any truth here.
I think you only need to be able to hit the CB with draw. Is something more needed?

3. Momentary is enough. Like a soft masse, momentary English taking can change the path of the ball.
This is more to my point. Momentary overspin can only affect the OB's rotation for a moment, and it usually takes longer than that for the OB to reach the rail. That's why I say it can only make a difference if the OB is on or very close to the rail.

And even then the difference isn't that the OB has overspin, but that it has any follow at all. Transferred follow can cause the OB to gain some follow (not a lot) instantly, so it can make a difference when the OB is so close to the rail (or hit so hard) that it would otherwise slide into it. I think many players misinterpret this difference to mean the OB gets overspin from the CB - and that might lead them to believe it works in situations where it doesn't (i.e., when the OB starts more than a few inches from the rail and isn't hit hard).


P.S. To be clear: my point is not that transferred follow (or draw) never affects the bank path - it's that it only affects the bank path in certain limited circumstances, and only to a small degree even then.

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