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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Currently we are once again having a thread on racking your own and what to do if a ball is scored. This re-occurring subject is spurned by the fact the standard rule of opponent racking is now giving way to racking your own.
So therefore, not being knowledgeable about racking OP, I would like to know the ends and outs of opponent racking vs. racking your own. I'd like to know the technical stuff, like if I leave this ball loose then what happens and so forth, the stuff that is driving us away from opponent racking.

We know one down side of racking your own and that is making a ball on the break. Is there away to tweak the rack to have a better chance of making a scored ball?

The obvious down side of opponent racking is getting a poor break or selling out. But what constitutes this happening, can a rack be tweak to cause this or is it a poor break by the breaker? The rack can be inspected, so what is the most important issue to be aware of?

In breaking 9-ball I knew how to a make three different balls within the rack when a certain ball was left loose, that is why racking your own is a bad idea in 9-ball, but does this technical stuff also apply to OP racks?

I'll let you knowledgeable members take it from here! Maybe there are well keep secrets involving one of the most important shots in OP, the break! thanks, Whitey

I know what you mean, Whitey.. ImO I think nine ball should now be considered defunct and it should all be 10 Ball,,, No more of the nine ball racking manipulations, no more arguing whether the nine should be on the spot or the one ball on the spot, no more situations where the same corner ball is flying in 9 times out of 10, no more shitting balls in.. Just go to 10 ball and be done with it..
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