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Default Ghost vs. Pat 34 wwyd?

My shot --- the ball score is 3-1, I'm ahead, Ghost going to 9, Pat going to 7 --- my pocket is at the bottom right - I have several excellent choices.....wwyd?

Well john picked a solid defensive choice, and he hit it well: banking the into the 12, taking it away from my pocket and opening up the on his side...the went into a pocket and a ball was spotted so here's how it ended up >>>

Well, like a few of you guys also liked, Alex chose to come off the 5, into the long rail, and then freeze to the 8...but unfortunately (for him that is) he hit it 1/4" too soft and just-barely left me a nice straight back bank, with natural position to get's how it turned out >>>
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jrhendy: Ghost does come up with shots that others don't see.

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