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Thanks guys. I've had a chance to try these out and I've had some success with practice.
My goal is to stop scratching half the time. My opponent is much better than me and I usually start the game off 2 or 3 balls down after I break.
The shots that are best for me are:
1. The shot cross table into the side of the rack. "The Kick Break." Pretty easy to leave the cue ball stuck to the pile. The tricky part is consistently getting a ball to the rail but, my opponent is safe at least.

2. Splitting the bottom 2 balls. Same english as standard break shot. Very effective on smaller table but, you have to hit this softer or your cue ball comes too far up table.

3. Cue ball close to the rail at the second diamond and hit the head ball full with follow just hard enough to drive the bottom corner ball to the rail and a couple more usually come out on my side. Cue ball stays frozen to the stack. If you hit it too hard your opponents bottom corner ball will come out far enough and leave a shot.

Shot 2 and 3 above I found on a one pocket instructional DVD called, "Pro Skill Drills" vol. 6 by Dominic "The Drill Instructor" Esposito.

Mr. poolisboring, I had trouble with the break shot where you hit the second ball full. I need to work on this one. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. I might be hitting it too hard.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer up some help to me. It's been very helpful.

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