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Originally Posted by One Pocket Ghost
Hey Lenny.....We will need a detailed report from the Bunny Ranch session and if you could possibly stream it, that would be even better - probably only take up 1 minutes worth of your time to stream Papie's 'session'...

- Ghosty

PS, Nobody has reported to us, from Vegas, with the most important info of all...

Is John Barton there with his Aiming System, to play all of his $$$ One Pocket challenge matches?...
I believe(not from personal experience) the Bunny Ranch is outside Reno, Nevada. Lenny has his cat houses mixed up.

In the middle of the casino at the Riviera, just above where you play blackjack, they have three scantily clad women on dancing poles. I was properly offended and have been back four times to witness the debauchery.

A lap dance at The Crazy Horse costs $100+(another rumor I have heard), no telling how much a "Date" is.
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