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Default Here's looking at you, kid

Iím a week past the cornea transplant and it seems to be doing fine Ė I saw the guy again today and he said it was looking good. Been using a lot of exotic drops in the eye and the vision is returning a little at a time. Itís going to be a while, but at least I am a little more comfortable at the keyboard. I can drive my car after a fashion but I am required to send up flares now and then so the other drivers will know Iím back on the street and they should take the proper precautions. Was this a big deal? Yes, it was because it was my eye. If it had been my fist or my pancreas, not so much. Very little pain and discomfort. Three of my daughters showed up at the hospital for the occasion and when a nurse wanted to know about the group I told her it was my favorite daughter and her sisters. They brought me tasty food and sympathy. Good folks.

Since this replacement cornea was furnished by a donor (dead person) my kit included a suggestion that I write a note to the grieving family, so I suppose I will do that. There is an address for me to use, but it will be an anonymous contact. What can you say except thanks for this restored vision? I am thinking the donor might have been a Democrat, because Iím beginning to look at things differently (but still a bit blurry). I hope there is no rule here against cheap shots.

YouTube is awash in good-quality videos of recent matches Ė from the Derby City Classic and other events since that time Ė and I am eating them up. One pocket in its new form, with new and ultra-talented players. I have a pretty good collection of older matches, and one can watch and learn a great deal because the execution involved was often within the reach of guys like me. Efren Reyes and Jose Parica are still among my favorites, but there is Buddy Hall and Billy Incardona and Steve Cook and Shannon Daulton and Jeremy Jones and Grady Mathews and Richie Richeson and Nick Varner and Cliff Joyner and many others who performed on my DVDs. Pagulayan and Bustamente were relative newcomers at the time I was stocking my library. I have at least two or three with the late Mike Surber, who was a fine player, by the way.

Currently I watch for entertainment. These guys are doing things I could never hope to copy. They shoot hard and aggressively, and the tide of the game swings back and forth with nearly every shot. A pattern on the table that might seem to make Joe Blow a big favorite can be reversed in a single stroke that leaves John Doe with the upper hand Ė at least for now. Exciting stuff. The photography is great, but most of the commentary is abysmal and better left muted. At least in this respect the old videos are superior by a wide margin. I am recalling Hall, Incardona, Bill (Weenie Beanie) Staton, Freddy Bentivegna, Mathews, Varner and Danny Diliberto.

With the match in West Monroe, Louisiana scheduled to begin in just a couple of days I asked YouTube for videos of Billy Thorpe playing one-pocket, and was surprised to see there are not many. I canít recall which year he was the DCC champion, but where are the videos? Most of what is available is for this season. He will go against my favorite, Efren Reyes, this week for cash and I wanted to see him in action so I brought up a couple of recent matches. Thorpe is a very impressive player who shoots straight and knows the game. Itís not hard to see him winning at the DCC tournament, but I did note that he seemed to be quick on the trigger. No doubt Reyes will make him pay close attention and have a good look before he picks his shot. He will find Jojo in some terrible places when he comes to the table.

I hope it will be a good contest and I would love to be there, but I probably wonít. At least I will wait to see how the first day goes, and if I canít stand it I just might hit the road. I will let the State Police know I am coming, and maybe there will be a fire sale on those $120 seats when I get there. I will wait and see Ė in a manner of speaking.

Oh, and I want to offer my congratulations to Warren Kiamco, this yearís champion of the US Open One-Pocket tournament. Who knew? I think of him as being one of the Filipinos who has endured for quite a few years in American tournaments. Now I find that he is the real article, obviously, and that is great. He doesnít make much noise and moves quietly, and I doubt anyone will begrudge him this win. Could he be the next Bata Reyes Ė a popular guy who can do the job? Pool could use a few more guys like that. Good luck to him.
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