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Back to original query about banks with draw running long. My take is this - when we bankers crank these banks, the cushion compresses quite a bit. When it does, the ball comes barreling out of there at angle that typically produces SLIDE. What this means is that the cue ball arcs a bit. The transferred high English affects this arc and can make banks run long, particularly long rail banks that have have the opportunity to slide and arc the entire nine feet.

John Brumbeck is a proponent of this observation.

I am sort of in your camp, Patrick - a lot of great bankers insist this phenomenon exists, but it seems like it may not be as pronounced as some claim. I would be surprised if we could get video evidence of it on a short rail bank. On a long rail bank, there is much more room to see the effect as the ball slips and slides against 9' of cloth.

And responsive to an earlier question you had, yes, it matters how far away the object ball is from the cushion because transferred English dissipates as it fights against the cloth. In reading Beard's book, you will notice he tells you how to make certain banks "if they are within 4" of the rail.". This is why.
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