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Originally Posted by Mkbtank View Post
Ok player 1 is in action with player 2. Player 1 is giving up 10-6. Player 1 has a sidebet with railbird 1 (giving 4/1 odds cheap 10/40). Each player owes a ball in the course of the game. Player 1 gets a shot and runs 10 balls. Both he and his opponent sleep the owed ball and agree the game is over after the 10th ball is made. Both player 2 and railbird 1 pay off. Player 2 quits.

It is 15 minutes later. Player 1 is getting ready to play a new challenger Railbird 2 mentions that both guys slept the owed ball from that last game. Railbird 1 overhears this and now says player 1 should have lost the game and demands to be paid his 40.

You are player 1. Or you are the judge, whatever. What happens?
I would not pay unless there was a ‘No Sleep Agreement’ before the game. If it was a regular customer who I was convinced thought he was right, I might flip a coin for it.
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