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Originally Posted by SactownTom View Post
TD/Ref Ken Shuman made the correct call under the circumstances.
Credit John Morra for standing up and asking the tough questions.

No credit to SVB, none at all... the game was lost after SVB tried to take it.

Very poor sportsmanship. Cheating, lying and disrespect for the game and players for SVB to try to pull this crap.

Where is the player's association? Wouldn't a player that openly gets caught cheating/lying get fined? suspended? punished a lot more than ONE game...


Is this what Cowboy Dennis wanted someone to post in response?

Is it common for all professional pool players to accept what is given to them and not question it? "never look a gift horse in the mouth"

This happens in pool a lot, it's not that big of a deal. But, apparently it is to some people.
Cowboy Dennis doesn't give much of a damn what you or anyone else writes or thinks about anything. Many people do care about players cheating in any sport.

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