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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Thanks, Larry for finding this and threading it! What a great video and shot! I nominate this for consideration of being placed in site 'The Game', "Great Shots". The commentating is so right on, for the one commentator wants to spin the cb to rails into the ob, and Danny wants to hit it thin and bank it into the 3 and make the combo, and then Efren does his shot!
And when Danny says; " I haven't seen this shot before" that is really saying something profound! I just have to wonder about the history of this shot. Thanks again, Larry.
The first time I ever saw the shot it was presented as a trick shot in the mid to late 1960s. It's probably way older than that , most shots are .
The cueball was frozen to the bottom rail at the first diamond from the pocket where you were shooting and the Object ball was placed frozen on the middle diamond on the same rail.
The ball was shot with extreme left english at just a slight angle into the rail.
It was extremely difficult to ever make the ball , but Efren, saw it as a move, instead of a shot, and made it a useable tool..
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