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Originally Posted by Jeff sparks View Post
Here's some more entries John,
John Rizzo Mgr. At Bogies
Maurice LeBlanc
James Christopher
Bob McFarren Owner Big Tyme Billiards

Here's the address to send entry fees along with,
Your name
Phone # &
E-mail address

Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar
3040 FM 1960 East
Suite 101
Houston, Tx. 77073
Attention; John Rizzo

I think that's 10 entered now, and by the way, David Richardson just told me Bogies could accommodate as many as 24 players. That's a lot of old farts stinking up the joint!
Woo hoo, 24!

Much better... more room for guys that won't embarrass me.

Coming along nicely.

Sending my $200 today.
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