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Originally Posted by FastEddieF. View Post
Last year I played a very good onepocket player, he gave me $300 to $100 and I played him even. I played as tight as possible, wouldn't shoot a shot unless I was a 4 to 1 favorite. after 45 minutes he blew up and smashed the balls ,I won the game. Old school won the game. Never let him have a shot for 45 minutes. This guy plays me 11-5 and the breaks and he is the favorite. So old school can win but it depends on the player , the younger they are the more they shoot at you. By the way my shot making is horrible. The reason I mention my shot making is horrible is to be a 4-1 favorite on a shot the object ball has to be very close to me and close to the hole. I wouldn't shoot the 8 ball because it is too far away.
Sounds like me on a golf course. I never play golf, never hit balls, but when my long time friends want to play we bet small and I get two strokes a hole and we have a blast. It's Very tough for them to win, and at times I get a ten or eleven or Thirteen, on a hole but if I golf eighteen, there's a chance/good one, that I will par one hole .
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