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Originally Posted by gulfportdoc View Post
I'd bank the 3 straight-back with draw. If I miss, he's got nothing. If I make it, cut the 12 in, play shape for the 1 or 13.

Some guys couldn't reach the 3 straight-back. If so, slice the 12 to (or in) the hole, bringing the CB up inside the 1 ball.

The 1-ball bank is possible. But if it's hit thin enough to make, then the CB won't be able to contact the 8.

If you draw enough off the 3 to protect against the 1 ball, and miss, you'll give up a bank on the 12, and the 3 will go back up table. That's one of the other reasons I like banking the 1 and nip drawing the CB into the 8, which seems almost automatic the way I read the pictures. A little inside draw off the 1 would ensure a good hit on the 8. Even if I miss, I'll have the 1 near my hole, the 12 is not a threat, and the 3 is still there on my side for a future bank shot after my opponent has to deal with the 1 ball right away.
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