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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
All those highlights came in the first match against Dennis. Everything and I mean everything broke right for Tony and he won by two games. 2 years later, Tony can't beat Dennis and it isn't close. They just played a match for $5K in Houston and it was 7-2 Dennis.

The real issue isn't whether Tony is the GOAT. He is arguably the best American Player since Cliff Joyner or Scott Frost. I think most of us would say Efren was the greatest player in our lifetime. Now Alex is the king of one pocket. Conditions are different now. The tables are much tougher than they were in the past, and the depth of the playing field is much deeper now than in the past.

No doubt that Tony played inhuman one pocket at California Billiards. But he has a high variance in his game. Consistency wins one pocket, not circus shots.
Tony is an amazing pool player. He has got to be the best player to watch however I can't put my money on him. He does not have the discipline or the patience to play the game that gives him the optimum chance to win.
Ive said it before and Im sure Ill say it again, his nickname shouldn't be T Rex it should be T Reckless......... Keith
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