2004 Gulf Coast Classic

Taken from Grady’s post on the onepocket.org forums:

This was the best tournament I have ever produced, for various reasons, not the least of which was the wonderful volunteer help. Rick Lowell, James Brown and Travis Dennis worked long hours and did much to enhance the workings of a difficult event, what with no less than four divisions and a poker tournament.

My wife Randi worked sixteen hour days, Marie Mathews toiled late at night and of course, we had the U.S. Open’s talented doorman, “Pineapple”.

We were honored to have Steve Booth, our onepocket.org “headmaster”.

There were four less of the terrific Diamond smart tables than we had planned on and that made the scheduling nearly impossible. We did wade through it though and the gracious attitude of most of the players helped a lot.

The collective caliber of play of the gathered attendees was magnificent. John Schmidt won the 9 Ball, Marco Marquez the One Pocket and Buddy Hall the Bank Pool. Shannon Daulton was victorious in the $18,000 Bank Pool Ring Game and I must say that this was more exciting than any ring 9 or 10 Ball game I have ever witnessed. There were two runs of 8 banks, one of 7, two or three 5’s and 6’s and lots of 3’s and 4’s. These six special bank pool champions left their own mark on Pocket billiard history with their historic performances. If you didn’t already know, their names are Jason Miller, Tony Fargo, Truman Hogue, Glen “Piggybanks” Rogers, John Brumback and Shannon Daulton. Hear me closely, pool lovers at the Pro level, this was the best pool I have ever seen and I’ve seen plenty.

The 9 Ball division featured “Grady’s Rules”. John Schmidt, Shannon Daulton, Martin Rimlinger and almost every other player said they loved these rules and why, for heaven’s sake, weren’t all 9 Ball tournaments graced with these great rules. Next time I am, after consulting with several players whose opinions I respect , going to address the racking problems associated with pro 9 Ball, but any 9 Ball event I ever do will have “Grady’s Rules“.

I am also doing the Derby City Classic Ten Ball Ring Game, followed by a Bank Pool ring game the second night. Anyone, be he (or she) player or sponsor can contact me for info. Later I will compose a longer posting concerning these games and what we’d like to do next year.


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