2019 Senior One Pocket Open

James Davis, Sr. takes it down

(L to R) John Palmore (3rd), James Davis Sr (1st), Bogie’s owner Cody Parish, Ike Runnels (2nd), and PoolActionTV’s Ray Hansen

Bogies 5th annual Senior One Pocket drew a full field of 32 players from all over the USA this year, including two of our One Pocket HOF members, regular attendee Billy Incardona and new this year, Nick Varner.   Last years co-champions James Davis Sr and Ike Runnels came back to defend their shared title, and they ended up settling their unfinished business from last year, as they faced each other twice this time. Davis won both of their matches this year, including 4-0 in the single race finals, to become the undisputed champion for 2019.

With the full field and $2000 added by Bogie’s owners Cody and Jessica Parish, there was a very nice prize fund, especially with the 10,200 generated by Ray Hansen’s calcutta auction, making for a good payday for the players that cashed. But with the great camaraderie and the welcoming Bogie’s staff, it seemed like all the players had a great time win or lose, with promises to be back next year!

Ray Hansen PoolActionTV handled the live stream this year, with the expert commentating anchored by another HOF’er, Jeremy Jones, along with lots of guests over the course of the tournament. Ray also helped Cody as kind of an assistant tournament director, so between them, even with the deliberate pace that you might expect from seniors, the tournament finished Sunday night before midnight.

The random draw happened to set up several outstanding matches to watch right from the start, as several of the favorites drew each other in early rounds. So you had Ike Runnels coming from behind to knock Nick Varner into the one loss side in the first round, but then James Davis doing the same to Ike in their 2nd round match.

Final results were:

1. James Davis Sr
2. Ike Runnels
3. John Palmore
4. Robert Herchik
5. Robert Newkirk
6. Tom Wirth
7. Nick Varner
8. Jerry Matchin