Banking Legend ‘Youngblood’ dead at 82

A family member has reported that the elderly Banks legend Javanley ‘Youngblood’ Washington died of a heart attack in his home in late July of this year. He had been living alone, and his body was discovered July 28th, but the coroner’s office determined that the actual date of his death was several days earlier. With no known family, his body had been held at the morgue, awaiting someone to claim him until recently.

A store clerk who knew the reclusive senior these last couple of years, but had no idea about his pool background and was under the impression that he had no surviving family, discovered and was surprised to see two sons accepted his HOF award. She contacted, and we were able to contact one of his sons, who has since been in touch with the coroner’s office to confirm his identity.

A memorial service took place September 18 at the Leak and Sons Funeral Home, which was well attended by his extended family. The pool world was well represented, including Fred Bentivegna and Sylvester Duncan, who both spoke at the service.

‘Youngblood’ was honored in absentia for our Hall of Fame in Banks in 2006. For those who missed this, ‘Youngblood’ was the premier banking legend in the black community for many years prior to the emergence of Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker. The award was accepted by two of his sons, because no one was able to locate the elder man, and it was not even clear if he was still living.

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