One Pocket Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

The Class of 2010 is set!

A shot of some of the fun at the 2011 HOF Social Hour

The One Pocket Hall of Fame is pleased to announce this year’s class of inductees in the categories of One Pocket, Bank Pool and Lifetime Pool in Action to be honored at our 7th annual One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner, January 25th, 2011 — Tuesday night during the upcoming 2011 Derby City Classic.

Our One Pocket inductee this year is the great all-around player, Allen Hopkins. Allen won Grady Mathews’ very first Legends of One Pocket event in 1991 — and he was also one of the most feared after hours players of his time.

This year the reigning two-time Derby City Banks champion, John Brumback is our Banks inductee. John grew up in the heart of Bank Pool country and has built an unmatched resume of tournament victories.

Everyone knows that pool has always had two very different cultures over the years – the establishment culture of tournaments, wholesome recreation and industry endorsements on the one hand, and the after-hours culture of gambling and hustling on the other hand. It is the mission of the One Pocket Hall of Fame to honor and remember those great players and great games that represent the legacy of Pool in Action.

In that spirit, the One Pocket Hall of Fame is pleased to present this year’s Lifetime Pool in Action award to the tremendous all-around talent, the late Wade ‘Boom Boom’ Crane, AKA ‘Billy Johnson’.

Don’t miss the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner on Tuesday, January 25th, during the biggest pool jamboree ever, the Derby City Classic. This year our banquet will feature a Johnston City Tribute in honor of the 50th anniversary of the very first Johnston City tournament (1961-2011). Join us in the “Legends” bar (right in the Horseshoe Casino complex) for our own private party! This promises to be a very entertaining evening, as these players are among the most colorful, talented and action-oriented legends in all of cue sports.

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