Original SightRight Snooker and Billiards Pool Sighting Aid


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Aug 18, 2010
i'm guessing that has something to do with determining what a player's "dominant eye" is for proper sighting?

here's a way to do it:

-stand about 8' - 10' away from an object on a wall - such as a light switch

-make a "triangle" with your thumbs and pointer fingers

-hold your hands out at arms length and look through the "triangle" at the object and allow your eyes to bring it into focus

-close your left eye leaving your right eye open

-look at it with both eyes again and let it come back into focus

-now repeat doing the opposite. close your right eye leaving your left eye open

you'll be able to quickly determine which eye is your dominant eye



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Mar 19, 2007
miller actually its a way to test your "vision center"
to the op
use masking tape from the spot to the rail
then in the same line on the rail
use a laser to guide you to draw a straight line on the 2 pieces of tape
ie the one on the table and the one on the rail
you now have a straight line with a step off
you could do the same with a piece of paper and a book
what you need is a straight line with a step off
hope this helps